Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Tattoo Dreams

Currently on my screen: Don`t You Forget About Me
The documentary about John Hughes and the impact of his films. It`s awesome! They have the actors from his films (all grown up now) discussing his work, as well as other directors, producers and people in the entertainment industry (including Kevin Smith, yay!)
Clearly it hasn`t been a productive evening of studying so far.
Over brunch this weekend my friends and I were discussing tattoos. I`ve always wanted a tattoo. When I turned 18 I figured it wouldn`t be long before I got a tattoo, I just had to decide on what I wanted. I`ve definitely appreciated the fact that tattoos are on you for life, so the decision to get one is not one I`ve ever wanted to make hastily. (Although, when I turned 18 I did get my tongue pierced as a way to embrace my new adult freedom). I am now 25, seven years later and I still do not have a tattoo. (I`m glad I didn`t get a tattoo at 18, because I would otherwise now be stuck with a tramp stamp). I do however have a list of ones that I`ve thought about for years, so it shouldn`t be long now
*fingers crossed*

Although I`ve always loved tattoos and look forward to get a couple myself, I have no interest in getting a sleeve or any kind of sizeable piece. When they`re well done I admire them on other people, but I have no desire to completely cover entire sections of my body with ink. However, if I was to ever (in another life) get a large tattoo, I would get a full back piece with the album cover from the Smashing Pumpkin`s Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness:

I`ve just always loved this image. I can`t explain it, but it speaks to me for some reason. It`s an amazing album too. To suffice, my friend and I are going to get shirts made with the image.
And now I should get back to studying.
(My favorite song from the album and one my all-time favorite music videos)

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