Saturday, December 10, 2011

Animal Love

I love seeing different species care for each other. It reminds me of how connected we all are.

Check out this golden retriever adopt a litter of three siberian tigers who were abandoned by their mother.

These elephants were apart for 20 years. Watch them as they`re reunited. I am always touched by the joy and emotion expressed by her trainer when he talks about freeing her.

Here are Bella & Tara, an elephant and dog odd couple who became best friends.

This man has a bear as a best friend - he was even the best man at his wedding.

And of course, there`s the hugely popular Christian the lion who was reuinted with his owners who had raised him, but had turned him over to a sanctuary when he became too big. They weren`t sure Christian would recognize them.

    One love, one heart

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