Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Headstands & Sparkly Dresses

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Hadn`t seen it before and loving it so far :) Who doesn`t love the brat pack?

So although I can`t make it to yoga every day, I like to take a little time every day work on some of the postures at home. Currently I am working to perfect my headstand and eventually work my way to a handstand. (I was particularly inspired after my last yoga class when the instructor had us do some group work and we helped each other try out handstands. Group work. In Yoga. So cool.)
I`ve managed to almost perfect this type of headstand:

I still practice it against the wall, but I`m quite proud of how much my strength and balance have improved already.
Once I feel comfortable with that headstand (and a little stronger) then I`m going to work on this one:

The only real difference between the two is that this one would have my forearms on the ground instead of my hands.
Eventually I want to master the handstand:

The reason I`m motivated to master these postures is because yogis say that to really gain the full benefits of yoga, one has to invert their body. Since gravity pulls down, by putting your head underneath the rest of your body, you can send more energy to your head. Pretty neat.

 Now onto the *sparkly dress* portion of this blog post...
 After missing my bus today, instead of waiting for the next one so I could get home and start studying, I decided to go to the mall and do some Christmas shopping. I`ve managed to stay away from the mall all semester. And I knew that going to the mall today to do some Christmas shopping would result in me buying a number of things for myself. Today was no exception. I am a thrifty shopper, so at least I can`t feel too guilty about spending money because I got some really great deals. The highlight of my trip to the mall today was definitely the amazing dress I found for New Years Eve. I love that sparkles are in this season! I can`t wait to wear this out! (And it cost less than $30!)

I think the Paper Bag Diva would be proud.
Next up: sparkly shoes!

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  1. I am exceedingly proud! Gorgeous find, and even prettier price. Job well done girl!

    I love the sheer fabric around the waist! Sexy kitten!