Sunday, December 11, 2011

Sometimes I watch TV instead of studying

I love television. Almost too much. Well, probably too much. But it helps me relax and I enjoy it, and that`s all that matters anyway. Since I`m in school, I often catch up on my TV watching on the weekend by streaming the shows. Today I was super impressed with the new episodes some of my favorite shows put out this week. If you`ve never seen these shows before, watch them - they`re hilarious.

The somewhat cult-like classic Community always promises laughs and intelligible, witty remarks. If you haven`t been watching this show, just start. You will get addicted and want to watch the entire series. That`s what happened to me. I always enjoy this show, and it just keeps getting better. This week`s episode in particular made me laugh so much. The best Community episodes seem to be their Christmas specials - they`ve been ridiculously awesome so far. Last season`s Abed`s Uncontrollable Christmas was one of the most uniquely crafted television episodes I had ever seen. This year`s Christmas special lived up to my expectations. The episode, Regional Holiday Music, made fun of the show Glee, while at the same time pretty much making a Glee tribute show. There was lots of singing and dancing. (This is probably why I love their Christmas specials in the first place - I am crazy about musicals!).  The entire episode was put together really well. It even included Troy aka Donald Glover aka Childish Gambino rapping. So awesome!

The other show I lol`d at a lot was New Girl, starring the loveable Zooey Deschanel. The more I watch this show the more I love the characters on it. Jess (Zooey) I`ve loved from the beginning, since I`m already a fan of her as an actress. She always plays ridiculously quirky, awkward roles in films, and her role as the star of New Girl is no different. She is such a free, kindred spirit. If Jess was a real person I would want to be her best friend. The metrosexual character Schmidt gets funnier with every episode. My favorite Schmidt moment was a few episodes back when he did some parkour around the living room. I`m still not a huge fan of Nick. He`s kinda lame - there, I said it. But maybe he`s just misunderstood. Lamley misunderstood. And Winston I wasn`t a huge fan of until this week`s episode when he discovered how well he could rock out on hand bells. The real highlight to this week`s episode, Bad In Bed, was that Justin Long was back playing Jess`s new boyfriend. His character, Paul, is just as quirky and awkward as Jess, which made for some highly hilarious scenarios in this episode when they tried to have sex together for the first time. Watch it. I promise you will cry.

With those two treats I had quite a lovely Saturday morning. I even had a delicious homemade breakfast to accompany me: sweet potato hashbrown fries, cheesy scrambled eggs with avocado (and hot sauce, of course), oj, baileys & coffee, and for dessert (ya, I had dessert with breakfast this morning) a peach & lavendar tart from the Duchess Bake Shop. Yum! 


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