Wednesday, December 14, 2011

A Midsummer Night`s Dream

I got a snowboard! It`s my very first one and I love it, so I am very excited. A lovely lady from my PR class decided to sell her barely used snowboard, bindings and boots to me. It is my Christmas gift from my boyfriend. This monumental occassion is particularly exciting because I have been scoping out snowboards for the longest time and I had yet to find one with a design that I really liked. I`m a girl, so aesthetics are important to me. Half the fun of getting a snowboard is choosing the design. (Ok, well maybe 85% of the fun is choosing the design.... or 99.9%). I was thrilled when my friend from class sent me pictures of her snowboard. I instantly fell in love with it. I`d never seen a design like this before. The moment my boyfriend saw it, his first words were "it`s very you."

Now I am the new owner of snowboard equipment! I have to say, I never thought I`d see the day. I started snowboarding last winter. My boyfriend convinced me to go with him. This was my first time on a ski hill since a very traumatic first time skiing experience in grade four, after which I vowed that winter sports were not my thing. Last winter, after an absolutely terrifying and difficult first run, I slowly but surely began to gain enough courage to fully stand on the board and go down the hill by myself (and with no tears). Each time I go I get a little better and become more confident. I`ve really come to love the sport. Last Valentine`s day my boyfriend and I went to Marmot and spent the day snowboarding. I am very eager to return to the mountains this winter with my new little beauty.

For those of you who know me, you probably know that I like to name things. I have a flash drive called Lil Red, another one called Cellar Door, my old computer was named Venus and my old iPod I called Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds. So before I unveiled my new snowboard to the world, I had to come up with an appropriate name. One that embodies its beauty and my love for snowboarding. I eventually decidided on....

      A Midsummer Night`s Dream

Here she is in all her glory! I know the name may sound kind of ironic, since it`s a snowboard, but the play it`s named after is very dreamy and whimsical, like my board. I think the name elicits a sense of romanticism and passion, and I connect that to snowboarding. 

I can`t wait to get out on the hill with her this weekend!

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