Saturday, February 11, 2012

Spring Break & how watching TV is beneficial to my future career

Watch out!
Coming in for a crash landing as I re-enter the blogosphere!

Where has the month gone? School and work have taken over my life. But after next week's midterm madness, it's break time. Just when I was thinking a Spring Break trip wasn't in my  future because of my limited budget, my lovely boyfriend had been looking up vacation packages and it looks like we'll be making our way down to the most magical place on earth this time next week! I won't say where, because I don't want to jinx it. But I will leave you with a hint:

As I mentioned, I have crazy midterms next week. The bain of every student's existence this time of year. Before I begin an endless cram session, I'm taking my Saturday morning to relax, blog and watch some mindless entertainment.

We now have cable at my apartment because my boyfriend was tired of listening to hockey games on he radio. I've intentionally lived without cable for the past three years. Whenever I visit home, watching cable television is a luxury. Now don't get me wrong, I do watch many television shows, but I stream them all online (which now seems down due to this new SOPA garbage). The reason I was living without cable is because I don't like wasting my time watching random television shows. And now here I am watching the Family Channel's Saturday morning Disney line up. Just like old times. Maybe it's because the line up has changed or maybe it's because I'm getting older, but the shows on Family are just not as enjoyable as I remember. However, there really isn't much else on TV this morning. I channel surfed for awhile (a terrible habit of mine that has taken action once again) and came across some horrible reality television. Now, I love reality TV as much as the next addict. Survivor is starting up next week (battle of the sexes edition!) and Celebrity Apprentice will be back in my life once again, but there are some shows that are just a waste of the air they're broadcasted on. For instance, Tori & Dean Home Sweet Hollywood and Kourtney & Khloe Take Miami. I watched both of these shows for a few minutes because I figured I should know how bad they are if I am to criticize their existence. But something dawned on me as I watched Tori Spelling prepare for her appearance on the show Fashion Police: as I listened to the show's producer brief Tori aout what they would like her to highlight on the show, this is IMC in action. That is, Integrated Marketing Communications. Fashion Police's producer was essentially explaining they key messages they wanted Tori to touch on for how they want to market their show. It was fascinating seeing behind the scenes and the subtle ways communication is utilized. So the moral of the story is that watching television is actually beneficial to my future career, provided I actively pay attention and think about what is being said and why (who are the adiences, what is their objective).

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