Sunday, February 19, 2012

Lauren's Overnight Chronicles: YVR Edition

I’m coming to you from the past!!

Well, actually I’m just in a different time zone.

I am currently in the Vancouver Airport on my way to California, and more importantly, Disneyland!!!! I’m terribly excited! Midterm-madness-hell-week is officially over!! I’ve never been to the west coast! I can’t wait to escape to some warmer weather, sunshine, beaches and the most magical place on earth  :D

Part of why my boyfriend was able to score such a sweet deal is because our flight arrived in Vancouver at 9:45 this evening and our connection doesn’t take off till 8am tomorrow morning. The only available hotel at the airport is the Fairmont. Unfortunately, I don’t think they rent by the hour. Not wanting to spend $200 to stay in a hotel for 7 hours, my boyfriend and I are camping out in the Vancouver Airport for the night.

I’ve never done this before. So, there is a certain novelty in spending the night in an airport. But with the sniffles that I attained over midterm week, I am well aware that this will be an experience I will never want to live through again.

My boyfriend and I agreed to a shared sleep schedule. He gets to nap from 11pm-2:30am while I watch the bags. Then I will attempt to sleep from 2:30am-6am.

I figured a great way to entertain myself would be to bog during my awake shift. So I shall chronicle my thought processes and the happenings during my lovely stay in the YVR.

11pmRealizing the long haul ahead

After getting our luggage (or my luggage rather, because my boyfriend only needs a tiny carry on that’s lighter than my toiletry bag) we went for a little stroll around the Vancouver airport. I love checking out new airports. It’s pretty sizeable, which pleases me. But many things are closed and the only thing I’m really concerned about is finding comfortable seating to nap on.

We ate at Chillis before our flight (I LOVE their salads), so we can’t kill anytime by having a meal. I got my Starbucks (an airport staple) since I would be staying up for the next few hours (great, since I woke up at 9am and didn’t have an afternoon nap). We found some rows of cushioned seats and decided to settle in for the night.

My boyfriend was grateful that I brought my travel sleeping kit, which comes with a sleeping mask, blanket and blow up pillow. He’s attempting to sleep as everyone person awake in the airport walks by. Whether it’s suitcases clacking as they roll along the tiled floor, old people loudly discussing the art fixtures made of rock, or that bloody golf-cart-wannabe vehicle that’s more thunderous than a Harley, it is rather noisy. (I wonder if the Fairmont would let us rent a cot to use in the airport. I think the going rate is $15).

A person by the name of “Wesley Man” has been paged about three times now. I wonder if it’s actually Lesley Man they’re paging and “Wesley” is just her alias. I would go off on an adventure to find her, but I’m stuck watching the suitcases. I ponder what celebrities I may spot when I arrive in LAX. I shall have my camera ready! 

There are other people sleeping on the seats around us. No one seems to be watching their bags. I wonder if they’re concerned about theft. Perhaps I’m just a Paranoid Parrot, but I remember that episode of Breaker High when Max fell asleep in the train station and his bag was stolen. That won’t happen to this gal!

Fun Vancouver Fact: Max from Breaker High lives in Vancouver. He is a shift leader at an Earls restaurant.

12amThank god I have my blog!

I suppose I could be doing work now. That is the main reason I brought my lap top…

Oh great, the Zamboni-wannabe is cleaning the floors. I suppose I can’t really complain that it’s noisy. It is an airport. Travelling makes me cranky. I hate being stuck inside an airport. It’s so dry.

To lift my spirits I shall dream about meeting the Disney Princesses and hum some of their lovely songs. All week, while procrastinating from studying, I’ve been watching youtube videos of Disneyland. What impresses me the most is the actors who play the Disney Princesses and all the other characters at Disneyland. They’re incredible! I’m old enough to know they’re actors and not the actual characters, but by golly, they’re so believable! I will probably cry if I get to meet Ariel. She’s my favorite :)

Thinking about Disneyland always reminds me of family-oriented sitcoms from the 90s. I remember when the cast of Family Matters and Full House visited Disneyland (or it might’ve been Disney World). I think Step by Step did an episode at a Disney park too. That really made me want to go as a kid! Now when I look back on it, I realize that was really clever marketing.

Alas, I knew the day would come when studying PR and marketing would ruin my perception of the world. Communications and marketing is EVERYWHERE. It's impossible to escape. Now whenever I see an advertisement or a commercial, or even  read a newsletter, I can’t help but think about the target audiences and the key messages contained in that piece of communication. The same thing happened to me back in high school. I took a Film & Video course. For months after the course I couldn’t watch a movie without dissecting each shot. I finally turned off my critical eye while watching movies. But with my plans of pursuing a career in PR, I have a feeling I will continue to analyse every piece of communication I come across (and that’s probably a good thing). 

1amIt’s ONLY 1am?!?!?!?!

The nearby television has been broadcasting reports on Whitney Houston’s death and playing her songs. I’ve probably heard “I Will Always Love You” about five times in the last hour. (Fun Fact: The song was originally written by Dolly Parton in 1973, but became the hit it is today after Whitney's rendition of it in 1992, which stayed at the top of the Billboard charts for 14 weeks).

I took a little break earlier and practiced some handstands. Practicing my headstands has really helped me maintain balance while doing inversions. I can’t hold a handstand for more than a few seconds, but it’s an improvement from before I had started working on inversions! To the other people in the airport, I’ve now become “the crazy girl doing handstands.” I wonder if I’ll hit meme status.

Speaking of memes… I made this meme when we booked out trip to California. Just when I was thinking I wouldn’t be going anywhere during spring break, so I was planning things to do around town, then wha-bam! We’re going to Disneyland!

I <3 success kid!

I’ve recently become addicted to memes. They’re funny. For those who hate on memes, get over it. If you don’t like them, then ignore them. I rather enjoy them! I stumbled upon a great website that hosts a ton of the more popular memes, which makes it easy to learn their name and intent (because memes do get improperly used sometimes).

While spending the day packing (because I am far from being a light packer), I was very thorough so I wouldn’t forget anything. There’s always one stupid, little thing I forget when I travel. Whether it’s my hairbrush, or my foundation, something is always forgotten. When we started driving to the airport, my mind was racing with what I might’ve forgotten. It didn’t hit me till I got on the plane – I forgot to record my shows while I’m away! Oh no’s! Watching my shows online has been far more difficult with this new SOPA garbage. But if that’s the only thing I forgot, I can live with that :)

Only 1.5 more hours till attempted nap time! Maybe I’ll go explore Pintrest. That’ll eat up sometime.

1:30am - I give up

I would like to know why surfing the net and checking out my favorite websites eats up an endless amount of time when I should be studying. Yet, when I’m trying to kill time, nothing I do can make the hours pass any faster…

I’ve decided it might be fun to wander the airport and explore places that are typically off limits. I wonder what mischief I could get up to…

But then I realize how tired I am now, and how tired I will feel when I board my next flight if I don’t get some sleep STAT. Plus my laptop battery is dying and there is no convenient outlet in site.

I will leave you with these amazing forced perspective photos I found on pinterest. (It's kinda tiny - sorry. Not sure who the author is either).

Sweet dreams* May your sleep be far more comfortable and restful than mine will be. Cheers!

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  1. Looks like I'm not the only compulsive blogger to come out of PREL 238! Dig your blog - and your commentary on how the program turns people into obsessive key message spotters (i.e. bullshit detectors). Looking forward to reading!