Saturday, January 14, 2012

My Favourite Shit People Say

I wanted to highlight my favourite viral video memes. (P.S. I love that memes have taken over in video form).

There's the extremely popular (and I think the original one that started it all): Shit Girls Say. I wish I could say this was a gross misrepresentation of the things girls say, but most girls I know say things like this on a regular basis. Myself included.

Of course there's the second edition of Shit Girls Says, which is arguably funnier than the original. (But don't bother with the third - it's not very funny).

Another one I really enjoyed was Shit Yogis Say. It's kind of ridiculous and over the top, but I'm into the whole balancing my chakras, centering myself, holistic movement and I love to laugh at myself. (Besides, I'm totally rocking the 'yoga hair' right now and the Farmers' Market sounds like a great idea).

And one that particularly resonated with me and my classmates was Stuff PR People Say. It's like looking into the scary future.

I'm sure if my friends wanted to, they could create a video full of just Shit Lauren Says. It would be ridiculous and over-the-top but all completely true and so funny that we would pee our pants. Let's hope that never gets made.


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