Tuesday, January 3, 2012

12 Hangover Cures From Famous Heavy Drinkers

Happy 2012!

I figured this would be an appropriate first post for 2012.
(Side note: I tried to post this on January 1, but my computer was being a nitwit. When I start yelling at intanimate objects I try to walk away and return at a later date when I`m not so frustrated).

Check out this list of hangover remedies from well-known booze hounds.

I`m definitely going to try Brenda Frazier`s coke and milk. And Dean Martin has some excellent words of wisdom, as always.

I hope you had a most excellent New Year`s Eve and I wish everyone a very happy New Year filled with much love and happiness!

Also, for those bumming around today, waning off their hangovers, check out these blunt cards - the greeting cards for people you hate. And don`t forget, Post Secret updates its site every Sunday!

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