Thursday, January 5, 2012

Fun Things Posted on My Facebook Today

I love the stuff my friends share on facebook. To further my poaching activities for the day I shall share some of the fascinating, intersting, awesome things I learned today, brought to you by my facebook friends:

Take a moment to revel in the beautiful, unseasonally warm sunshine we have today. Today is the day that the earth is actually the closest to the sun all year long. Fascinating :)

Here is a list of 8 Bad Relationship Habits to Kick This Year. We all know we're guilty of at least some, if not the majority of these. Just some interesting insights to keep in mind. I particularly like the one about living more in the present moment and spending more time experiencing your relationship and less time talking about it.

Being the proud east coaster that I am, I think it's awesome that Atlantic Canada made CNN's list of the world's top destinations for 2012!!! It made the list mainly because there's a lot of buzz right now surrounding the 100th Anniversary of the Titanic sinking - it sank just off the coast and the Titanic graveyeard is there. But the east coast is awesome regardless. It's beautiful scenery and rich culture are only the tip of the delightful iceberg that is definitely worth running into. I highly reccommend visiting!

Hope everyone is having a super lovely day! You're all beautiful! Love each other!

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